Certifications & Status

ISO 9001 Certified | WESTPOLE Belgium NV

ISO 9001

Design, trade, implementation, integration and management of IT systems, software modules and interfaces. Trade, implementation, installation, servicing and maintenance of hardware products. Provision of professional services and specialist support in the IT and Compliance sector, management systems and privacy services. Provision of Help Desk, Service Desk and Call Center services.

PSDC Certified | WESTPOLE Belgium NV


Official role of (Provider of Digitisation and Conservation Services). The service is legally recognized in the country of Luxembourg and is given by ILNAS (The Luxembourg Institue of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services) for the PSDC Legal Archiving.

ISO 27001 certified | WESTPOLE Belgium NV

ISO 27001

Design, provision and management of Data Center Services (Co-location, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Hosting, Email, Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery) also on Cloud platforms for IaaS, SaaS, PaaS services by using the ISO/IEC 27017:2015 & ISO/IEC 27018:2014 guides.

PSF to banks or other institutions of financial sector | WESTPOLE Belgium NV

PSF of Support

Provision of services to banks or other institutions of the financial sector. Accreditations: Article 29-2. Administrative agents of the financial sector; Article 29-3. Primary IT systems operators of the financial sector; Article 29-4. Secondary IT systems and communication networks operators of the financial sector.

IBM Trophies | Best Business partner overall, in storage and service

2020 Throphies

2019 Achievements with IBM

✓ Best Business Partner Overall
✓ Best Business Partner in Storage
✓ Best Business Partner in Service