Dirk De Boeck appointed as country manager for Belgium at WESTPOLE

Sep 6, 2022 | News

Dirk De Boeck appointed as country manager for Belgium at WESTPOLE

At WESTPOLE Benelux, supplier of IT services and solutions and specialist in digital transformation, Dirk De Boeck is promoted to country manager for Belgium. He was joined WESTPOLE earlier this year as director of managed services and is now taking a step up.


As country manager Belgium, De Boeck wants to focus even more on the role that WESTPOLE wants to play as a cloud partner par excellence and their (hybrid) cloud offering. “We can help those companies who want to make their move towards the cloud with the transformation and adoption of their project. And companies that have already made that leap can often make progress in cost optimization and risk management. I strongly believe in the supporting role that we can play in this,” says De Boeck. He is making a number of structural adjustments in the organization to focus on this strategic choice.

“I like to compare this evolution with that of a restaurant that is going to work with a smaller menu and focus on those dishes it’s most known for,” adds Dirk De Boeck. We proactively focus on digital infrastructure and cloud computing projects. That was already partly the case before, but we still had all the other options on the menu. That part of our menu is now a lot more limited. We keep it as a base for other flavours, but no more than that.”


Dirk De Boeck’s track record

Dirk De Boeck (54) has a vast track record in IT (business) management positions, mostly corporate change, future-proofing, pioneering launches and revival projects. He is known as pragmatic, problem-solving and keen to take on challenging projects.

De Boeck has over 25 years of experience in IT management. Through his management consultancy career, he was among others active as Senior Manager Digital Projects at Colruyt Group. There, he took care of the end-to-end management of large innovative and IT projects with a huge marketing footprint for several departments. Before that, he was Managing Partner of a start-up company within the Cronos group and took on management roles as Sales Director Benelux at Damovo (an international ICT service provider) EMEA Expert Defense and Government at HP. For three years, he was Head of ICT Innovation at bpost. Between 2007 and 2011, he was Belux Sales Director at British Telecom. In February 2022 he joined WESTPOLE Benelux as Director Managed Services.