In need of reliable cloud services? WESTPOLE is your go-to partner as European cloud expert

Nov 16, 2021 | Blogs and whitepapers

Today, the shift to the cloud is visible all around us. Almost everyone has heard of the big public cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Oracle. But is a well-known international player always the best choice? No. Even though it’s cheaper than investing in your own data center, it still requires a lot of work and time to set up everything properly. This makes a private cloud provider the perfect middle ground. WESTPOLE’s cloud services are available all over Europe and relieve you from all worries that often accompany building and maintaining a virtual data center in the cloud.

The cloud is a gift from heaven as you’re no longer required to invest heavily in expensive hardware, setting up your own data center and maintaining all workloads on your own. But beware: moving your workloads to the cloud is not heavenly per se. You have to choose between a private or public cloud provider and make sure you’re in check with all regulations and best practices. Don’t forget your backups, for example.

At the base, public and private cloud both offer you storage and infrastructure. The possibilities are endless but configuring these possibilities takes time and resources and requires knowledge of cloud architecture. You also need to be very attentive to what is and isn’t part of a public cloud offering. You can combine as many services as you want, but unfortunately advice about how you arrive at a well-functioning result or customer support is not always included. Moreover, a thorough backup or disaster recovery plan is often overlooked or even completely forgotten. And this you only notice when it’s too late…


The joy of private cloud services

WESTPOLE’s cloud services encompass different services combined in a working virtual data center in the private cloud. With three data centers in Belgium and two in Luxembourg, WESTPOLE is able to offer a high level of redundancy, high availability and securely geographically spread data with disaster recovery mechanisms in place. So it’s not only about the infrastructure but also and especially about the expertise. You retain the wide array of choices from a very large catalogue of cloud services but this now comes with a guiding hand to design and build a working solution fit to your specific needs.

The most important difference between a public cloud provider and WESTPOLE is very straightforward: at WESTPOLE you’re not merely a number. We are always available and eager to help you at any stage. From beginning to end, we want to be complementary to your team to unburden you completely. In need of cloud design and architecture? Or wondering why and how many backups you need? Not sure if you’re in check with local regulations? We got you covered, always.


Leave your worries behind

Creating a virtual data center in the cloud can be very easy. The hard part is to do so correctly. But the first question you need to ask yourself is: is it really necessary that we take care of it on our own? Probably not. By choosing WESTPOLE as your cloud expert, you are relieved of your worries. We unburden you with an all-in-one solution, always tailored to your specific needs and preferred approach.

Moreover, you win time as we stay up to date with all the latest technologies, we make sure your licensing remains valid, patch management and firmware upgrades are rolled out automatically and so on. Last but not least, we’re proud of our flexibility. Upscaling and downscaling is possible at all times — because we know agility is more important than ever.

So feel free to contact our team of experts today to walk you through our cloud services offering, based on more than 30 years of experience with knowledge of local needs and regulations and excellent consultancy and support.