WESTPOLE launches a new European website to attract new talents to help the family grow!

WESTPOLE‘s new Career Website is online and ready to attract more amazing talents with great mindsets to our team.

WESTPOLE, with more than 600 employees, is present in Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, with a total of 8 offices spread all over Europe: the new website will gather all open positions in one single portal, so that everyone is able to have a complete overview of the international opportunities offered by the Group. #WEtogether

Within this amazing organization we are always looking for possibilities to bring our business to the next level and the best way to do this is with a smile on our faces. If you are a positively looking person and  you want to make your colleagues smile then WESTPOLE is the correct company. #WEsmile 😊

We are looking for cutting-edge minds, people willing to innovate and change. If you are passionate about new digital challenges,  WESTPOLE is the perfect place for you! #WEinnovate

The new website also features our culture, the #WESTPOLEMentality: it’s not just a set of rules you follow, but real values, deeply rooted in the DNA of all our family members.

Our culture respects each individuality and growth, everyone who joins our team identifies with our values, which guide and inspire all our daily challenges. #WErespect

At WESTPOLE we are driven by creativity and innovation, always mindful of the environment and society around us. #WEcreate

We work on Digital Transformation with a pioneering spirit, a lot of passion and empathy, always enthusiastic to look for different horizons and take new directions, because we are “a different landmark”.


Just like what Tamara has quoted

Business Operations Manager, Benelux:

It feels great to be part of this fantastic team and to support them in bringing us to the next level

Tamara Van de Paar