Jan 18, 2021 | Blogs and whitepapers

Information is everywhere: on our televisions, our smartphones, our mailbox, and also on our social networks.

Whether they are private or professional, these information flows are daily fed by data, whose volume increases drastically every single second. Nowadays, data are abundant, often unstructured, heterogeneous, and come from different sources.

In this context, companies and public administrations are facing important challenges such as security, privacy, governance, synchronization, insights, storage, management… and many more!

Data Virtualization to manage your data

To tackle these, Data Virtualization helps organizations to integrate and manage their data in an efficient and real-time way and from multiple sources.

The objective is the identification and understanding of the relevant data to improve efficiency and productivity at every level of a business. Together with visual tables, input from Business Intelligent tools, and use the right connectors, these processes will help you giving sense to your data.

Aggregating the right data at the right time will ease the work of your data analysts and empower them to deliver the best reports you need.

Know your data, know your business, know your customers

To dig deeper into the subject, WESTPOLE organized a webinar on Thursday 14th November 2020, with Vincent Boucheron.

Vincent Boucheron talked about the different challenges linked to data virtualization. He explained the technical prerequisites for its implementation as well as the different profiles that an organization needs to take full benefits from it. 

Before embarking on this journey, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions and to know, in a precise manner, what the resources and needs of your organization are.

After Vincent’s presentation, we concluded the webinar with an exciting Q&A session on various topics such as security and professional opportunities in the sector.

Ask us to know more about this initiative!

François Delmoitiez- Account Manager International Organizations – WESTPOLE Benelux