May 21, 2021 | Blogs and whitepapers

There are various ways of storing data and making it available to all users, especially for businesses. In addition to the conventional option, file storage, and the more recent option, block storage, object storage has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. It is also known as object-based storage and is now used in many professional settings. Cloud providers also offer this modern storage method.While file storage uses complete files when storing data and block storage divides files into blocks of equal size, object storage stores data as objects. An object can be imagined as a package. It contains the data as well as numerous metadata and a unique ID. This ID enables a flat structure. Instead of a complex folder structure, data in object-based storage is stored side by side. The actual location (local or remote) is irrelevant.

In contrast to conventional file storage, the metadata for object-based storage is freely selectable. Instead of only storing information about the name, creation date, file type, etc. individual metadata can be defined for each file. For example, information from the corresponding application can be integrated or user data can be inserted.

What is Object Storage?

WESTPOLE’s object storage service has top-of-the-range scalability, data availability, protection, and performance. Customers of all sizes and sectors can use it to store and preserve any amount of data for a variety of applications, including data lakes, websites, mobile apps, backup and restore, archive, business apps and big data analytics.

Data is stored as objects, this method offers cloud storage that is highly scalable WESTPOLE datacenters use specialized hardware, software, and distributed file systems to achieve high scalability

Why WESTPOLE Object Storage?

At WESTPOLE we take a close look at the market, especially the cloud solutions and make sure that we offer a very competitive service, not only in an economical way, but also from a technical perspective.

There are few guarantees in cloud Object Storage solutions, we can control the hardware on which the solution is built to meet performance or other requirements. The WESTPOLE Object storage is also a low latency, direct accessible object storage contrary to some other object storage solutions.

Your data is guaranteed to be secured behind firewalls and data at rest encryption. Additionally, this data is always located in Belgium and stored in on a highly available cluster, distributed across three datacenters.

Contrary to public cloud solutions, WESTPOLE doesn’t charge egress costs such as PUT, GET and LIST commands. This will save additional unexpected costs and simplifies the TCO-calculation of the customer!

The WESTPOLE support team is located in Belgium and continuously monitors our datacenters and cloud solutions. They are 24/7 available to maximize availability and security of our cloud solutions.