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Westpole’s Object storage solution

There are various ways of storing data and making it available to all users, especially for businesses. In addition to the conventional option, file storage, and the more recent option, block storage, object storage has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. It is also known as object-based storage and is now used in many professional settings. Cloud providers also offer this modern storage method.

Logical design

The WESTPOLE object storage is set up with redundancy in mind. Customers can send data to our object storage over the Internet via redundant connections. Thus, the solution does not suffer from the failure of an Internet connection, interconnection between our data centers or even the failure of an entire data center.
It is also possible to make a private connection to our data center in order to obtain higher bandwidth than the usual internet speeds.
The three (Belgian) datacenters over which this solution is built are interconnected with our private dark fiber connections.

Our service & our promise


We use three datacenters in Belgium to host the solution.


Your data is always accessible to meet performance requirements.


We don’t charge egress or API-calls.


Designed to achieve a data durability of 99,999999999999%.


Your data is always stored in Belgium.


 A simple pricing model, transparant and cheap.

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Why Object Storage will become a strategic building block of the Film- an Music Industry.

Use cases

Tiered Backup storage

(Legal) archiving

Ransomware protection

Object based file storage solutions & unstructured data