Gaia-X | WESTPOLE is officially “Day-1 Member” of the European Data Infrastructure Gaia-X project

Nov 19, 2020 | News

WESTPOLE is officially “Day-1 Member” of the European Data Infrastructure Gaia-X project, created to define a European standard for data access and management, based on security and privacy. On 18 and 19 November 2020, the “SUMMIT: the pan-European summit of Gaia-X” took place to better understand the scope of the project and the objectives.

Participation in the project has been open to all European companies interested in the initiative, activated by Germany and France, which aims at the establishment and development of an EU federated cloud, a European platform to define common criteria and standards for data management and cloud services, in line with the concept of European technological sovereignty. Strategic companies have already allied themselves in Gaia-X: 29 are from Italy, which is the third country by membership behind Germany and France.

As can be seen from the list of companies making up the Consortium,the Italian members come from the most disparate sectors and their own contribution will be different depending on their skills: ranging from defense to energy, from data centers to fiber to IT security. WESTPOLE is proud to be among these.
Massimo Moggi , President and CEO of WESTPOLE Europe , comments ” Today I announce that WESTPOLE is a Day.-1 Member of the Gaia-X Consortium.
We are further executing our strategy to become a leader in cloud services in Europe. WESTPOLE is serving go to cloud and digital transformation services to key Organizations as European Community, Camera and Senate of Italy, as well as many top companies in Europe. Thank You to my Team in reaching this important goal!

Although Gaia-X has been established in Europe, its relevance is global, as it provides an answer to the crucial question of the impending digital age: how to create network effects in an open and decentralized world not controlled by intermediaries, but where everyone is a digital
ruler. Gaia-X aims to regain the freedom of the internet without losing the benefits we have gained over the years.