WESTPOLE at 7wData
Interview to Tom Van Daele about
Agile Data Storage

Long time midsize companies couldn’t afford expensive hardware to crunch the vast amounts of data we digest in this digital world. Cloud computing brought a lot of advantages in the scale as you grow approach, and yet in terms brings challenges from a data management perspective.

New offerings from vendors like IBM, allow working in any mode you like: Full Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, Multi-Cloud or on-prem. Financial support to work in CapEx or OpEx models only brings the possibilities of the big guys to the small and midsize businesses as well.

Yves Mulkers, Author at 7wData, and Tom Van Daele, Technical Sales Engineer & Architect Storage and Data Protection enthusiast at WESTPOLE BENELUX, speak about how agile data storage empowers mid-sized companies to compete in the cloud era.