Article Cyber Resilience is more than only cybersecurity

Nov 6, 2020 | News

What is cyber resilience?

Cyber resilience is a matter of smart business and avoiding disasters. We read and hear a lot about it but as long it never happened to your business, you are safe. WRONG!  Some business that are being attacked are not able to recover from it. The damage behind an attack can affect your entire business.

This is something your business should not be able to recover from it, in the first place it needs to prevent it. Attacks should not even get the chance to enter your business. And that’s where cyber resilience can assist your business with. At WESTPOLE, with our different types of support, based on technologies and professional skills, we can fit perfectly in your business to ensure the best support.


How does cyber resilience work?

To start with a good and strategic plan we can split the whole process in 5 steps. The first step is identification, here we will inspect your business to ensure we can provide you with the correct support. The second step is looking for the weaknesses that would make a cyber attack possible. After the second step we start with detecting the issues via an automatic monitoring system. The fourth step is preparing your business for when a cyber attack is trying to enter your business. And the last step is to immediately handle so the impact of your data loss will be the minimum.


Would you like to know more about these 5 steps?

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