A chat with one of our consultants – Laurent Loiseau

Aug 2, 2022 | Blogs and whitepapers

Hi Laurent, can you introduce yourself: Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Laurent. I’m a Java/TypeScript full stack developer from Walloon Brabant, currently working as a consultant on Europass project at Arηs (Advanced and Reliable Information Systems) company.


How long have you been working for us?

One year and a half, including three months of internship.


How did you get in contact with WESTPOLE and how did they help you?

I was one of the of the learners from the Technobel Java training program, launched by IRIS at the start of 2020. After the creation of Westpole, the training program has followed, and we have met a part of the HR team who were going to support us in our training and internships within the company. Westpole gave me the opportunity to step the first rung into the IT professional world, which is now followed by many more!


What does the future hold for you? Do you have a specific plan?

My goal is to become a full stack technical expert, with knowledge in DevOps. Thanks to Westpole, the path is open.


Regarding the WESTPOLE values (We Create, We Innovate, We Smile, We Together, We Respect); which value do you represent the most?

I value respect above all else. It is the key value that will allow you to feel valued and achieve well-being in your life. It can then bring creation, innovation, smiling and empathy into your professional activity.


Laurent: How did you got in the IT world, what did you do before and how do you see this evolving? Specific ambitions? How did WESTPOLE help you in rediscovering yourself in the IT world or how did they support you?

I have interests in IT since almost 20 years. From secondary school base courses to a too theorical first year in ICT at EPHEC, with several later tries to enter the IT world as a technician and a lot of personal trainings & developments in between. But life took me somewhere else. After a cultural tourism bachelor, I’ve been successively working as a tour-operator “manager”, bungee-jump & adventure parc monitor, construction worker, and even butcher shop salesman.

Then, after a one year long travel around Asia, I decided to finally find a way to enter the IT world, thanks to Technobel and Westpole !

I’m now on the tracks, and intend to go further. Self-training, personal project developments, professional courses through Westpole are my keys to reach the position of technical expert in the future.