WESTPOLE moves datacenter within 36 hours

Aug 1, 2022 | News

WESTPOLE moves data center within 36 hours

WESTPOLE has moved its data center activities in Woluwe to Unix Solutions, a tier III data center in Zaventem. Through this migration, WESTPOLE ensures the safe and reliable management of its customers’ data at the highest possible level. The company has a three data center set-up with a full fiber ring. In other words, the new data center that houses the on-premises infrastructure of WESTPOLE’s customers is just one of three data centers that WESTPOLE is currently using.

In mid-2021, WESTPOLE started looking for a new data center location to replace one of the three locations where it had been operating until then. In doing so, the company wanted to maintain its three data center set-up. This ensures a double failover: if problems arise in one data center, there is always an automatic backup via the other two locations. Ultimately, the choice for the new location fell on the data center of Unix Solutions in Zaventem, a data center that has the necessary certifications.

“In terms of project planning, a quick migration was chosen to provide maximum protection for our customers’ data. All infrastructure was successfully migrated in three days,” says Dirk De Boeck, director of Managed Services. “From the Friday morning disconnection to the Monday morning reboot, we worked around the clock to get everything up and running as quickly as possible. I want to thank all our teams, our customers and our service providers for this achievement.”

The advantage of a private room

WESTPOLE has a ‘private room’ at the new data center partner in Zaventem. So WESTPOLE is free to expand the infrastructure and, for example, to replace or add servers or network equipment, without requiring additional approval from the data center operator. In addition, only certified WESTPOLE employees have access to their own space in the data center. Both partners can therefore ensure that no outsiders enter the building. This, of course, is a major advantage for the overall security and the security of the data of WESTPOLE’s customers.

The three Belgian data center partners are part of WESPACE, WESTPOLE’s European cloud offering. WESPACE is a hybrid alternative to often over-standardized public cloud offerings. The current public cloud offering itself will no longer be able to host all data within 10 years, states WESTPOLE, which opts for a more hybrid route with WESPACE.