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WESTPOLE offers you the All-In-One Workplace solution: The work environment as suitable as possible.

All-in-one Workplace creates a mobile, flexible cloud-based workspace independent of physical location, enabling an integrated multi-device experience on a pay as you use basis. Four basic components are at the core of this concept. First of all, devices and services: hardware and software and IT support. Next to this, integrated tools for collaboration and productivity, as well as virtual desktop solutions. Remote access is the third pillar, through identity management and multi-factor authentication. And last but not least: a protected and productive environment, thanks to endpoint protection solutions and threats management.

In the WESTPOLE philosophy, the proposal for a solution must be preceded by a global assessment of the infrastructure and its optimization, to enable an effective and productive digital workplace.Thanks to a corporate structure that includes several business units with skills in vertical sectors, WESTPOLE can offer tailor-made services related to aspects that matter in any kind of sector: from security to remote accessibility, from cloud to productivity assessment, from automation of repetitive activities to infrastructure and user support.

The All-In-One package starts off with Desktop As A Service, which is a fully secure virtual desktop environment on which all business-related applications are installed and made available. Secondly, we have Internet. WESTPOLE is offering you high-speed internet connection through CEGECOM solutions and services. WESTPOLE e-mail services offers 100% private and dedicated mail services while your data is protected and hosted on our own infrastructure in secure datacenters in Luxembourg. Ultimately we have MANAGED COM. This makes it easy to manage your communications and stay connected. All-In-One virtual communication platform with advanced telephony and collaboration features.

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