Optimization, storage and processing of information within the enterprise via the combination of analytics, content management and governance.

As Enterprise Information Management experts, we love to talk about digital transformation, business processes optimization, and to deliver state-of-the-art Enterprise Content Management solutions.

From the design to the implementation, we offer you strategic assets to bring the best solutions on the market together with a high level of technical skills.

1. Capture

As the starting point of the digital evolution, the dematerialization will enable you to capture your incoming flows at source, then extract and process all your data and documents to exploit them in a fully automated way. All this in order to modernize and to improve your business processes.

Digitalization by WESTPOLE helps automate and digitize incoming document flows, resulting in greater efficiency, better compliance, increased customer satisfaction and faster business processes. By streamlining your internal and external document exchanges, you reduce the costs and increase the ROI.

2. Classification and Automation

Identifying your information is the next step. Automating repetitive tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a simple yet powerful business process automation software. Resulting in greater efficiency, better compliance, increased customer satisfaction, and faster business processes.

RPA allows users to focus on high-value tasks by relieving them of repetitive daily tasks. With RPA, you can modernize your old mainframe applications by converting them into APIs.

3. Content Management

Content Management solutions implemented by WESTPOLE present content in the context of an individual’s tasks. Whether it’s a contract, HR document or account payable, the solution will present relevant and related content to optimize the quality of work and the time spent on it.

WESTPOLE helps you to your consolidation project, allowing you to store the information in a one single repository to exploit the full potential of your documents.

4. Business Process Management

When people are the first asset in organizations, how do you maximize their productivity while keeping an eye on the control of the business in real time? How do you propose a rationalized and adequate way of working. Our solution? Processes that empower employees, allowing them to apply their professional expertise to practical cases, while respecting the standards and rules in force in the organization. Case management solutions allow organizations to digitize, optimize and orchestrate business processes based on the cases handled by the knowledge workers.

5. Legal Archiving

Archiving of all documents, regardless of their date, form and medium. Whether they are in electronic or physical form, we support you in the design of your long term archiving solution.

We set up efficient and secure archiving solutions that comply with the regulations in force within your organization.

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