Aug 26, 2021 | Blogs and whitepapers

Cloud is the future of IT. A bold statement, and not the first nor the last time we’ll hear it. Even though not all on-premise infrastructure will move to the cloud, for Power Systems the cloud is definitely the way to go. It’s only a matter of time before those who are still reluctant today will get onboard as well. In fact, with Power as a Service there really no longer is an argument as to why they shouldn’t.

Via its Power as a Service offering, WESTPOLE assists companies to move IBM Power Systems – previously known as eServer iSeries and before that AS/400 – to the cloud. Power Systems is a family of server computers from IBM used in different industries for the security, reliability and performance necessary in an effective hybrid cloud strategy. For a long time, we’ve seen a gap that originated from moving some but not all parts of IT systems to the cloud. More specifically, the infrastructure of Power Systems was left behind.

Why? Because no one offered the service to easily move the Power Systems to the cloud without worry. Until WESTPOLE stepped in. We can provide an end-to-end solution based on the specific wants and needs of organizations. No distinction is made between operating systems, whether it’s IBM i, IBM AIX or even Linux: it’s finally possible to put everything in the cloud.

Reliable, redundant and regulatory compliant

Power as a Service is advantageous to many financial institutions, but other sectors such as logistics and distribution can reap the benefits of the service as well. Companies gain full control over the purchase of specific necessary resources instead of having to invest in an entire server. In this way, WESTPOLE supports businesses with a tailor-made solution by virtue of  its own servers in Luxembourg.

Those locally situated servers on our own data centers are crucial, especially for financial institutions. They need to have the certainty that their data is stored in Luxembourg, in check with national regulations. Moreover, WESTPOLE has two data centers in Luxembourg, so complete redundancy and high availability are assured. This is important to remain worry-free, as together with a well thought-out disaster recovery strategy, no data can be lost in case of any unexpected hazards such as a fire or a ransomware attack.

To top it all off, Power as a Service relieves companies of the difficult search for people with specific competencies. Right now, there’s already a shortage of relevant IT resources and the situation is not set to improve anytime soon. Luckily, WESTPOLE has you covered.

 Unburden companies

Managing infrastructure, both hardware and software, as well as security, processes and people often proves to be rather challenging. WESTPOLE removes this burden by its Power as a Service offering to which other services such as data protection can be added. These services all come together in an all-in-one and tailor-made approach to fulfil the specific needs of companies which free up their resources to focus on their own core business.