Prodware acquires WESTPOLE Benelux

Mar 14, 2023 | News

Vilvoorde, Waterloo, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Kontich, Windhof (Luxembourg), Paris, Strasbourg, Brebbia – 14 March 2023 – WESTPOLE Benelux, an IT services and hybrid solutions provider for the digital transformation, has been acquired by the French Prodware Group. This operation concerns over 300 employees of WESTPOLE Benelux, mainly in Vilvoorde, Mont-Saint-Guibert and Windhof (Luxembourg), which together have a turnover of around 40M€. The acquisition amount was not disclosed. WESTPOLE and Prodware will continue to operate as independent entities. The name “WESTPOLE” will remain.
Both parties share a very similar heritage. They will continue to operate as separate entities. They will keep their (country) management, their employees, their technological selections, their specific partners and their own identity. As a result, they will be mutually reinforcing. The sales teams will work together to offer their customers the solutions of both companies.
Alain Conrard, CEO of Prodware Group, said: “Prodware and WESTPOLE Benelux are two truly complementary entities. Based on that complementarity, this merger will create significant value for both groups, with benefits for all, including employees, customers and partners.”
About the acquisition
WESTPOLE Benelux has three departments to support its customers in the digital transformation: Digital Infrastructure, Managed Operations, and Staffing & Sourcing. The company also has other technology partners: IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, CommVault, Cloudian, I.R.I.S., Huawei and VMware.
Prodware is a French group that has 1,400 employees in 13 countries, including around 30 in its offices in Waterloo and Kontich. The company focuses on digital transformation services, particularly the implementation of ERP and CRM solutions. Prodware is a Microsoft partner and a member of its prestigious ‘Inner Circle’, which includes only Microsoft’s top global partners.

This merger is fully in line with the growth strategy of Prodware. The biggest challenges for the acquirers are: 

  • Strengthening of existing positions and geographic expansion (in Italy);
  • Building up the portfolio (especially in security areas, Cloud and Compliance in which WESTPOLE Benelux has acknowledged expertise);
  • Positioning in new sectors: e.g. European Institutions, public and banking sector.

WESTPOLE Benelux has 323 employees and is made up of four legal entities:

  • WESTPOLE Belgium (includes the activities of the Hybrid Technology Solutions division and International Organisations division in Belgium), in Vilvoorde and Mont-Saint-Guibert;
  • WESTPOLE Luxembourg (includes the activities of the Digital Infrastructure division, Managed Operations, International Organisations and Staffing & Sourcing in Luxembourg), in Windhof;
  • WESTPOLE France (includes the activities of the International Organisations division in France, in Strasbourg;
  • WTP Italy (includes the activities of the International Organisations division in Italy), in Brebbia.
Prodware will take over all of the legal entities. The acquisition amount will be taken from the company’s reserves. No merger, reorganisation or anything similar is planned.
WESTPOLE was born as a carve-out from the I.R.I.S. group, member of the CANON group.
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About WESTPOLE, until the acquisition
WESTPOLE Benelux, a provider of IT services and solutions and a specialist in digital transformation, has over 300 employees and five offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and France. The company has a turnover of around 40 M€. WESTPOLE Benelux has more than 30 years of experience in technology and innovation management.
WESTPOLE Benelux supports the management of infrastructure and applications for companies, by accompanying them in their digital transformation through a tailor-made global approach. The company assists its customers in their strategic challenges in areas such as cloud applications, infrastructure and cybersecurity.
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About Prodware Group, until the acquisition
With over 30 years of experience and know-how in the field of IT innovation, Prodware Group is focused on delivering value and expertise to its customers around the world. Whether it’s implementing the most ambitious cloud strategies, developing AI-based decision-making tools, or building IoT applications, Prodware remains at the cutting edge of innovation. Since its creation, Prodware has called on technological advances to help companies to step into the future, thus creating tomorrow’s business models for manufacturing, sales and distribution, professional services and finance.
The Prodware Group has more than 1,400 employees, based in 13 countries. In Belgium, the company has offices in Waterloo and Kontich, with around 30 employees. It had a turnover of 165.5 M€ in 2021. Listed on Euronext Growth, Prodware SA is eligible for French innovation-focused mutual funds (FCPI) and eligible under the SME share savings plan to finance SMEs (PEA-PME).
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