Do you hear that?
That’s the peace of mind you’ll experience when WESTPOLE steps in to run your IT show even if you are a Multinational, a Global Institution, an Enterprise or a Small Business.

After all, there’s no denying that some things are best left to the experts. Why bother trying to keep up with today’s or tomorrow’s fast-paced digital world and all of its technical specifications…when you can easily outsource it to a reliable partner that does all the ‘keeping up’ for you?

We are the missing piece to your puzzle.

Now, what exactly makes our Managed Services team so different than the rest? We are sure that you have seen a lot of companies offering Managed services BUT do they all have the same spirit and drive as our people? Do they all work for a company with over 30+ years of experience? Experience that has been carefully handed over by generations with the implementation of new technologies which makes our knowledge so old but our services so new and innovating?

On-premise, private cloud, public cloud… On all these environments we can ensure you that we can offer you the right service. By definition, using the public cloud requires companies to outsource infrastructures, applications and even data. But outsourcing resources does not mean outsourcing responsibilities. Companies must educate themselves with additional skills to ensure that the services entrusted to outside service providers are performed as intended.

We keep an eye out.

Prevention is key when it comes to your ecosystem’s health.

At WESTPOLE, we are Masters in Monitoring. We observe. Thoroughly & continuously. In order to identify and solve irregularities before they get the chance to develop into incidents.

Evidently, you’re not left in the dark. We give you access to real-time insights on the health state of your IT infrastructure. Think predefined customer dashboards – integration with our Support Portal – AI-generated metrics – examination and logging of events etc.


We come to your aid.

Every once in a while, something goes wrong. It’s practically inevitable. What matters then is how quickly the problem can be taken care of. Luckily, you’ve got a dedicated WESTPOLE Quick Response Team you can count on. Remotely or on-premise. During office hours and even beyond that (24/7). Our experts are always on stand-by to provide guaranteed assistance on infrastructure- or application-related matters in your preferred language (ENG/NL/FR).

We keep your data safe.

We guarantee optimal security if your replicate your data to our data centers or if you are hosting data on your own environment. WESTPOLE can still provide you everything you need to have a safe environment with our Disaster recovery service. As trusted advisor WESTPOLE can help you test and fine-tune your business continuity plans without impacting your live infrastructure.


The growing complexity of modern application architectures has made IT personnel face equally complex problems. The rise of cloud-native, hybrid and other distributed systems have made the challenges of ensuring application performance greater than ever. IBM Turbonomic, as part of WESTPOLE’s observability offering can make your life easier.

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