WESTPOLE: Life Insurance for Your Data

Oct 26, 2023 | Blogs and whitepapers

Data Centers and Storage as the Backbone of Your Business


The digital landscape is rapidly evolving. Data has become the lifeblood of modern organizations. With the emergence and proliferation of technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and the Internet of Things, the value and volume of business data generated, processed, and stored is increasing exponentially on a global scale.

As a result, data centers and storage solutions have emerged as vital components for companies of all sizes across industries. In this blog, we want to emphasize the immensely critical importance of data centers and storage solutions for companies in today’s competitive world.

WESTPOLE data centers are characterized by multiple foundational elements. Knowledge of your business and understanding of your environment allow us to ensure smooth integration and tailored solutions, while our certified personnel manage operations with precision. Our facilities are linked through a fully redundant, high-speed fiber ring, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability. and guaranteeing High Availability of locally stored data and 99,99% uptime.


WESTPOLE: Your ultimate Data Guardian


WESTPOLE stands at the forefront of data management and protection. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and unmatched expertise, we offer businesses the peace of mind they need in these data-driven times.

  1. TIER III Datacenters in Belgium: We boast three interconnected TIER III datacenters strategically located in Belgium. These facilities are linked through a fully redundant, high-speed fiber ring, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.
  2. TIER IV Datacenters in Luxembourg: For those businesses that demand the pinnacle of data security, our TIER IV datacenters in Luxembourg are the answer. Customers have the option to safely house their hardware, either with our ‘expert hands & feet support’ in housing mode or with our comprehensive managed services, offering total peace of mind.
  3. Private Cloud Setup: WESTPOLE’s private cloud setup ensures businesses can harness the power of cloud computing while maintaining the utmost data privacy and security. One of the significant advantages of our private cloud is its dynamic scalability. Businesses can effortlessly handle increasing or decreasing workloads without the need for a capital expenditure investment. This elasticity not only ensures optimal resource utilization but also provides financial flexibility, allowing enterprises to focus their capital on core business functions rather than infrastructure overheads.
  4. Data Expertise: Our team is well-versed in storage, data, backup, and recovery. We are equipped to assist businesses in navigating the intricate web of data management.
  5. Unique Object Storage Setup: Spread across our three Belgian datacenters, our unique object storage system, utilizing erasure coding, guarantees a staggering 14 9’s data durability. This means that your data is not only secure but virtually indestructible.


Security and Reliability with Tiers III and IV, and with WESTPOLE solutions

One of the key aspects of WESTPOLE data centers is their ability to ensure safe and reliable management of customer data at the highest possible level. Data breaches and cyberattacks can severely damage a company’s reputation and result in significant financial losses. Several WESTPOLE services offer efficient solutions for these kind of issues, such as our Object Storage, Back-Up and Disaster Recovery plans.

With offices located in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Italy, WESTPOLE can redirect any client or project requiring Tier III Compliance in Belgium or Tier IV Compliance in Luxembourg effortlessly and safely to one of our data centers.

Tier IV compliant data centers can be described as the pinnacle of data center infrastructure. In fact, Tier IV is the highest obtainable standard or certification. They are fully redundant and fault tolerant, meaning that they contain no single point of failure; be it mechanical or electric, no single component can stop the entire system from working. They do not suffer from the failure of a single internet connection, interconnection between the data centers or even the failure of an entire data center.



Scalability and Flexibility are WESTPOLE assets


Business requirements are constantly evolving. On-premises infrastructures severely limit any organization’s ability to keep up with their changing reality.

  • WESTPOLE data centers allow organizations to handle increasing or decreasing workloads without compromising on quality or service level agreements.
  • WESTPOLE data centers enable companies to easily adjust their storage capacities, computing and networking resources as their needs evolve.
  • By providing the ability to scale up or down quickly, WESTPOLE data centers allow companies to optimize their IT infrastructure and control costs efficiently.
  • WESTPOLE data centers can be enlisted to service a large variety of use cases, and are not limited to tiered backup storage, object-based file or unstructured data storage solutions. Our data centers can also be employed for (legal) archiving, development, or ransomware protection.

In short, WESTPOLE data centers offer adaptability, flexibility, and scalability.



Enhanced Performance, High-speed Connectivity and Support for Advanced Technologies 


What do modern business operations demand today? Quick and reliable access to data, and swift recovery in case of system failure. With WESTPOLE data centers, companies can ensure that their applications and services run smoothly with minimal latency. Latency is a critical characteristic for efficient and responsive communication between computing resources.

What are some other WESTPOLE characteristics? High-speed connectivity, high resilience, and very low-latency networking. Low-latency networking, you say? WESTPOLE makes use of the most effective approach in data protection: the backup rule of three. This implies that WESTPOLE ensures that you have at least three copies of your data, that you store the copies on at least two different media types, and that you keep at least one of those copies offsite. That way, high availability as well as continuity of mission-critical applications can be ensured in case of accidental deletions, hardware failures or more severe incidents like natural disasters or malware attacks. All this provides guaranteed connections even in case of cable breakage. We are making sure we are supporting all advanced technologies.

The WESTPOLE data centers house powerful servers, cooling systems, and security measures to ensure seamless operation of advanced technologies, such as data training and analysis of AI, cloud computing, IoT, and more. These technologies rely on storage of massive datasets, computational power, and high-speed connections as well as the redundancy and scalability of our Tier IV compliant data centers to drive innovation.


WESTPOLE: Your Life Insurance


However, the WESTPOLE data centers do not only help drive innovation. They also serve as an organizational bedrock and can be compared to life insurance.

Just as life insurance casts a safety net, WESTPOLE provides a lifeline. We safeguard your critical digital assets, applications, and operations, guarantee business continuity during crises, and support uninterrupted services effectively transforming our data centers into a crucial protective shield that secures your organization’s stability and continuity. They are instrumental in securing the existence of your organization.

Thanks to data redundancy, disaster recovery mechanisms, and stringent security measures, WESTPOLE has been able to mitigate risks of data loss, downtime, and cyber threats assisting organizations through its real-life tested recovery procedures.

By relying on WESTPOLE, companies can focus on their core business. We secure your data, create the necessary backups and whenever something happens, we recover it.
WESTPOLE services acts as life insurance for your data and, by extension, for your entire organization.





In a world teetering on the edge of a digital revolution, data security and management are not just optional – they are imperative. Besides providing a secure and reliable environment for data storage, they also empower companies to embrace emerging technologies, scale their operations efficiently, and ensure regulatory compliance. WESTPOLE understands this and offers solutions tailored to the unique needs of modern businesses. Consider us the life insurance for your invaluable data. Secure your future with WESTPOLE. This is not just a smart business decision, it is a logical step towards success in the digital future.