Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management: change your entire cloud environment

Dec 8, 2020 | Blogs and whitepapers

In this blog, we concentrate on Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management by IBM, designed to handle the entire cloud environment operationally from one dashboard.

What is the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management?

It is an AI-driven management platform to provide full visibility and control from a single control point to wherever your workloads run. It will allow you to: Infuse AI across your IT operations toolchain, automate time-consuming management tasks and remotely manage development, security and operations pipelines.

The IBM Cloud Pak has three use cases.

  1. Orchestrate hybrid monitoring
  2. Enforce policy at scale
  3. Optimize application performance

Why you should switch to containerized applications

The need for switching to containerized applications is constantly growing. As it offers a significant speed gain, particularly for growth, containerization is becoming more popular. The team on the operations side, however, is experiencing issues because they unexpectedly must handle a hundred different small issues. In addition, multiple clusters must be handled at once instead of one development cluster such as manufacturing, testing, acceptance environments, both On premise, Public cloud and Multi-cloud.

First, three technology layers need to be separated. The containerized applications themselves, to begin with. In turn, these run inside a container framework such as OpenShift for infrastructure path and decoupling, so that you are no longer bound to those providers clouds. Comprising the complete containerized software portfolio of IBM: applications, data processing, security, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation of processes, and so on.

Easy solutions in all aspects of cloud microservice architecture

Both solutions are provided in packs in order to make the path to the cloud as easy as possible. Thus, Cloud Paks for Multicloud Management is a full collection of integrated solutions for the building, redesign, containerization, migration, management and enrichment of a cloud microservice architecture.

By standardizing, all container platforms and / or virtual computers are encountered by the customer. Developers are no longer distributed to individual clusters or server networks, but centrally across the environment of multi-cloud management. The submission lands just where this operation suits best, based on the policies and regulations laid down therein. In a public or private cloud or on-site if needed.

It is quick to deploy Cloud Paks for Multicloud Management on an IBM Cloud. This generally suggests that it is possible to launch tests and proof of concepts within 24 hours. The threshold has also been reduced substantially. The degree at which clients join depends on the maturity of their own cloud. WESTPOLE is completely explicit on the openness of the packaged components or their closed existence. The consumer almost always has the choice of an open-source solution in terms of tools.

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