Navigating the IT Talent Landscape: Staffing and Sourcing Strategies 

Dec 1, 2023 | Blogs and whitepapers

Navigating the IT Talent Landscape: Staffing and Sourcing Strategies 




In the business world of today, everyone needs the right people. As it’s been said: ‘The right people make the difference.’ In today’s fast-paced IT world, the demand for skilled professionals has never been higher. Whether it’s developing cutting-edge software, managing complex infrastructure, or securing sensitive data, the IT sector plays a pivotal role in every industry. In order to keep being competitive, organizations need to have effective staffing and sourcing strategies in place to attract, retain, and harness the full potential of that IT talent. Something that WESTPOLE has found its expertise in since 1985.   

In this blog, we’re exploring the key challenges and WESTPOLE strategies in staffing and sourcing within our IT sector. 


Challenges in Staffing and Sourcing 


Where is all the Talent?  
Unfortunately, the IT sector has an obvious shortage of qualified personnel. The blistering evolution of technology in general means that the skills of today may not be relevant tomorrow. This generates a constant feeling of running behind and in fact a demand-supply gap. 


Outpaying the Competition  
High demand for IT talent leads to fierce competition among employers. Top candidates are often overwhelmed with offers, making it difficult for companies to secure the best talent. Furthermore, salaries paid are artificially high in comparison to the more experienced people or to the technical skills these candidates bring to the job. 


Skill Diversity  
The IT sector encompasses a wide range of roles and skills, from software developers to cybersecurity experts. Finding the right mix of skills to match your organization’s needs can be daunting. 

Best Practices in Staffing and Sourcing 


Talent Pipelining: Build relationships with potential candidates even before you have a job opening. Attending tech conferences, networking on professional platforms, and engaging with candidates to keep a pool of potential hires ready. 


Observe Online Platforms: Leverage job boards, LinkedIn, and other online platforms to connect with IT professionals. These platforms allow you to reach a wide audience and can help in finding passive job seekers. 


Skill Development Programs: Invest in training and upskilling programs for your existing workforce. This can help you bridge skill gaps and promote from within, which is often more cost-effective and promotes employee loyalty. But if you take the time needed to educate more junior people deserving to be hired, you can overcome future staffing challenges. 


Create a Positive Work Culture: A strong company culture can make your organization more appealing to potential candidates. Foster an environment that values innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. 


Competitive Compensation: While not the only factor, competitive compensation is essential for attracting top IT talent. Ensure that your salary and benefits packages are in line with industry standards. 


Partnerships with vendors like IBM… 




Which best practices does WESTPOLE use?  


WESTPOLE Staffing & Sourcing has a vast knowledge and expertise network with professionals across various fields and its own WESTPOLE Academy. Professionalism and quality are extremely important to us. This also goes for advice, mediation, projects, interim activities and for relationships and contacts, both with our customers and professionals.  

Within our own organization we constantly guarantee conversations about the offered quality as well. Moreover, we are ISO 14001 qualified and conduct customer satisfaction surveys. We get the best out of our experts, offer them the best possible conditions and guidance and, by doing so, make sure we offer you the best possible people and match for your business success.  

We offer our consultants various training opportunities. Our WESTPOLE specialists are developing their skills each day and put a lot of energy in training and certifications. This way we ensure that, as a customer, you can count on professionals with the right knowledge to further help your organization. They follow function-related trainings, are regularly sent to renowned training institutes and internally sharpen their skills and know-how at the WESTPOLE Academy. 





In the IT sector, staffing and sourcing top talent is an ongoing challenge. WESTPOLE knows how to tackle that challenge efficiently. By understanding the specific challenges and implementing best practices, WESTPOLE increases our chances of attracting and retaining the best IT professionals, so we can place them at your organisation. With a clear vision, strategic planning, and a commitment to nurturing a positive work environment, WESTPOLE builds a workforce capable of driving innovation and success in the digital age.