WESTPOLE announces WESPACE, European hybrid cloud offering

May 17, 2022 | News

Brussels, 17 May 2022 – WESTPOLE, IT services and solutions company and digital transformation specialist, launches WESPACE, a new name to represent its European hybrid cloud offering and platform. WESPACE offers a hybrid alternative for the often too standard public clouds. Today’s public cloud offering will not be able to host all data in 10 years’ time, says Westpole, a more hybrid offering is mandatory.

WESTPOLE cloud and infrastructure specialists based in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, have defined an aligned, European hybrid cloud offering, taking into account the needs and wishes of local and global clients, and their local resources. The early cloud adopters have negative as well as positive experiences. They often aren’t interested in entrusting all their data to a partner whose offering is standard, rather than made to measure or comes at a sure cost when tailoring is needed. Companies with a mature IT model on the other hand, know the advantages and disadvantages of public versus private cloud, and on premise. For on-premise, Westpole disposes amongst others of 2 SPF certified data centers in Luxembourg. Clients from all over Europe show an interest in these data centers, which offer real privacy thanks to limited legal access rights to the data stored, even for government officials. WESTPOLE disposes of 5 more Tier-3 & Tier-4 data centres in Belgium and Italy.

So there are plenty of companies looking for a new, diversified and hybrid cloud/on-prem offering, which led to the creation of WESPACE.

Dirk De Boeck, director Managed Services: ‘The cloud is here to stay, but the transition towards it does not happen at the same speed for all. The extensive number of cloud solutions available, is confusing, and may be overwhelming. The past two years, many organisations have reduced their investments in IT infrastructure because the pandemic affected their business. That’s where we see opportunities: we’ll accompany these companies to the cloud, at their pace. We’ll take them there one project at a time. That way, soon, they’ll be able to catch up with the early adopters.’


The cloud at heart

WESTPOLE manages mixed environments and heterogeneous platforms, optimizing costs and ensuring the highest security standards for their clients’ data, including full stack observability.

De Boeck: ‘Audits are not always favorable when it comes to public clouds. So we can safely assume that, in 10 years’ time, the majority of companies’ data will not be hosted in public clouds. Office 365 for instance, one of today’s popular public cloud platforms, doesn’t offer enough data protection for legal documents. We at Westpole help our clients to create the best of all worlds, including public cloud, very public cloud, private cloud and on-premise. In our WESPACE offering, there are solutions for very sensitive data as well as the regular data, to form a global hybrid and cost-effective ICT infrastructure at the measure of every client, startup or mature company.’


Quality and flexibility

WESTPOLE supports its customers during the entire journey towards the cloud, starting from the adoption and migration, through to the management and optimization of their hybrid cloud infrastructure. WESTPOLE uses technology of partners such as IBM, Cloudian, VMWare and Commvault.

WESTPOLE is a day-1 member of the European Data Infrastructure GAIA-X project, created to affirm a European standard for data management and access based on security and privacy.